The Ministry of Women’s Affairs envisions a society in which women and men enjoy equal rights, where women fully participate in social life at the same time that they do not face discrimination at the public neither the domestic sphere.

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs considers women as active and dynamic agents of transformation and social change. Therefore the Ministry of Women’s Affairs seeks the empowerment of all women and the recognition of their diversity and significant contributions in society.

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs has the mission of reducing gender gaps and promoting access of all women to productive resources. We work to achieve gender equality, women’s empowerment and the realization of women’s rights through:

  1. Mainstreaming gender in laws, government reforms and in national and sectoral policies.
  2. Coordinating and monitoring implementation of specific programs and policies for gender equality.
  3. Implementing measures to remove barriers, discrimination and gender stereotypes that impede full participation of women in public life.
  4. Undertaking initiatives to encourage men and boys to support gender equality and be involved in housework and care of children and dependants.
  5. Targeting the needs of the most vulnerable women and girls.

In order to achieve our goals, it is crucial for us to mobilize the entire society in cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders: line ministries, civil society organizations –including women’s organizations-, private sector, universities, research centers, development partners and individuals themselves.